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Use Buzzbird to experience the country in real-time from the palm of your hand. See what people are saying and sharing around you and in different locations.


    Update yourself on what’s happening in the country and around you.


    Use the crowd factor to gain valuable feedback and insights.


    Give a voice to topics and issues that need to be heard.


    Become known for the great content you share with the community.



Explore a newsfeed from any country, state, city, area or building.


Filter your newsfeed based on proximity.


Seeing is believing, express yourself visually.


See whats the hot in any location.


Accumulate buzz points and earn your place in the ladder.


Follow people producing the content you enjoy.


We created Buzzbird because we felt that location based networking was a broken system and we had to fix it. Since the Buzzbird feed is public, we introduced psuedo-anonymity in order to protect users' privacy and to encourage free and honest expression. These guidelines will help you understand the collaborative but respectful nature of the Buzzbird feed.

  • Be open, be honest, and be yourself. Tell your stories, speak freely, be creative, be responsible, and let’s make Buzzbird a great community together.
  • Respect the anonymity of others. People connect on Buzzbird to communicate without judgement. In that spirit, do not publish personal information about private people, including, but not limited to, names, usernames, email addresses, addresses, phone numbers, and bank account information.
  • Stay safe. Our priority is that everyone feels comfortable enough to express themselves. Don’t bully, harass, threaten, demean, encourage self-harm, or promote any type of criminal activity. If you see this type of content, please report it to us via our flagging system.
  • Be kind and respectful, even if you don’t agree. Remember, you’re among friends. Treat them how you would want to be treated. As part of speaking freely, the Buzzbird community discusses and challenges beliefs, practices, and organizations. We will not allow attacks on anyone based on their race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, gender, sexual orientation, disability or medical condition.
  • Keep it clean. We love seeing users express themselves through imagery, but we don’t want those images to distract from the spirit of Buzzbird. As a result, we don’t allow images that are graphic, obscene, or pornographic. This includes images that depict gratuitous violence, include bodily fluids, excretions, nudity, or are sexually explicit.
  • Make sure you own what you post. You need to have the rights to use the content you post on Buzzbird. Respect copyright, trademark, rights of publicity and privacy and other legal rights.
  • Be a real human and be nice to the internet. Buzzbird is here for you to share with your friends and with those around you, not for spam, compromising online accounts, illegal content, or content intended for commercial purposes like driving traffic to other sites. Like we said before, just be yourself!
  • Report bad behavior. If you see something that violates our guidelines, tell us. Flagging is the fastest and easiest way to let us know, and we review all flagged content. We’ll ban users who don’t follow our guidelines, if necessary, and we reserve the right to escalate to law enforcement if we perceive a real risk of harm to people or property.
  • Have fun. At the end of the day, everyone just wants to have a good time. Keep an open mind and make the most of Buzzbird.

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